Is this program really free?
Yes! Anybody can get free CardRunners at no cost. All you have to do is earn the required Party Poker points. The points never leave your account and your rakeback is not affected in any way. Visit to open an account if do not already have one.

How do I participate?
Visit, follow the registration instructions, earn points, and get free training. It's that easy!

How do I know if I earned enough points to qualify?
Your point total will automatically display at CardRunners when you log in and can be found here. You can also check your account balance at your primary poker room.

Why do I choose a Primary Account
While you can currently sign up for Truly Free Poker Training with Party Poker, only your primary poker room points will count toward your Truly Free Poker Training membership. Choose your primary poker room when you sign up, and we recommend that you choose the site on which you play the most frequently.

How can I change my Primary Account poker room?
Visit the My Account page on CardRunners to change your primary poker room.

How many points do I need?
If you want to get a full free month of CardRunners, you must earn 1,600 Party Points. Extra points earned during Happy Hour or any other promotions are excluded from this program (you will receive credit for points earned at the standard rate).

What if I don't earn the minimum for a free month?
You can earn fewer points and receive one, two, or three weeks of free training - just divide the total by four to determine the weekly requirement. For example, if you earn 400 Party Points, you can receive one free week of CardRunners.

If I earn partial time through Truly Free Poker Training will I pay a prorated amount on my next renewal date?
No. If you have a credit card on file you will be charged as usual on your renewal date. Any free membership earned will simply extend your renewal date by the proper number of weeks. If you do not have any billing information on file, your account will be downgraded to registered guest status until the next period of time is credited.

Do you deduct any of my points?
Your poker room points are NOT deducted from your account - they are simply used to track your progress. No points will be deducted, nor will this program ever impact your rakeback in any way.

Are poker room points carried over from month to month?
Points do not roll over into the subsequent month. For example, say you earned 2,600 Party Poker Points in January. This would earn you a free month of CardRunners in February because you met the 1,600 point requirement the prior month. The 1,000 point balance does not count toward your February total.

When do I receive the free training?
Your free training will begin within the first couple of days of the month following the month in which you earned the requisite points. For instance, if you reached the necessary number of points during February, your free training will begin on March 1st or 2nd. If you have an existing multiple-month membership we will extend your renewal date by however much free training you earn.

I purchased a 6 or 12-month extension. Can I still receive free training?
Yes. Any free membership earned will simply extend your renewal date by the proper number of weeks.

How do you use my information?
We use the information you provide pursuant to the CardRunners Privacy Policy. Upon registration, we ask you to provide your poker room usernames and a valid email address. Each poker site provides us with your current total of points in order to determine your monthly eligibility for free poker training.

Can I take a break or stop participating?
Yes. You are under no obligation to earn points at any of the poker rooms each month, and may discontinue your play at any time. As long as your account is in good standing you may rejoin the program at your discretion.

I still have questions. Who should I contact?
Please email freetraining@cardrunners.com if you have any other questions. We typically respond to emails within one business day.

How does the primary site selection process work?
You are allowed to pick one primary site per month. Any changes you make to your primary site do not take effect until the 1st day of the subsequent month.

If I don't earn a full month on my primary site, will the points I make on other sites add on to my subscription?
No. Your primary site is the only site on which you can earn free CardRunners in a given month. You are welcome to change your primary site at any time, but please note that the change will not take effect until the subsequent month.


What is CardRunners?
CardRunners trains poker players. These training services are operated by winning, professional poker players who teach profitable poker through the use of instructional video. Instead of speaking directly into the camera, our instructors record their computer screens while playing online poker. They simultaneously speak into a microphone to explain their thought process behind every raise, call, or fold. If you've ever wanted a peek into the mind of a professional poker player, then CardRunners is for you.

How do I benefit from online poker training?
As you may already know, there is no one way to play a specific hand - even pocket aces. Your choices are dependent on your opponents, stack sizes, game-flow, and more. What amount should I bet? How do I react if he raises my straight draw? Our instructors record themselves playing online poker in real games in real time against real opponents for real money. You benefit by listening to our instructors discuss why they are making a decision, not just what that decision is. You will also benefit by watching an entire session, making it possible to understand game dynamics and the instructor's table image.

How often do you release videos?
CardRunners releases one or more new instructional videos every day. Typically, videos are between 40 and 80 minutes in length, giving ample time to develop reads and gain insight into the instructor's style of play.

How do I watch the videos?
Our videos may be downloaded for playback in Windows Media Player. You also have the option to stream them directly from our website in both Flash Video and Windows Media formats. Certain videos are even formatted for iPods, so that you may watch them on the go.

What games do you cover?
CardRunners covers nearly every form of poker, with a heavy emphasis on six-handed no limit hold'em. Members will have access to over 2,300 videos for full ring cash games, heads-up poker, limit hold'em, pot limit omaha, tournaments, sit 'n go's, and even mixed games.

Who are your instructors?
The instructors at CardRunners are among the biggest winners in all of poker. Collectively they have won tens of millions of dollars in online cash games, millions of dollars in televised tournaments, earned World Series of Poker bracelets, World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour and North American Poker Tour titles, and written best-selling poker books. To learn more, visit our biography pages found here: www.cardrunners.com/members/instructors/.

What does CardRunners cost?
If you register in the Truly Free Poker Training program and earn the required number of points by playing at Party Poker, you won't pay a single cent. Ordinarily CardRunners charges a $30 monthly fee, and requires a $100 activation fee. You will have access to this value at no cost through the Truly Free Poker Training program.